Mason County, WV - An Archaeological Treasure

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Bone tools including awls, needles, and scrapers 
from Shadle Farm.

There appear to be Archaic, Woodland, and Late Pre-Contact (Fort Ancient) components at the site. However, most of the artifacts collected at Shadle Farm are from the Fort Ancient component. The village at Shadle Farm covers an area of approximately 4.5 acres. Collectors report that Shadle Farm contained many burials, sometimes in layers.

Shell-tempered pottery sherds from Shadle Farm. 

Photograph courtesy of WVDCH 
Collections Management Facility



Artifacts from the Fort Ancient component include shell-tempered pottery, bone tools, beads, and a bone flute. There are also stone and ceramic discoidals, which are round discs thought to be used in games, stone tools and bifaces, and cannel coal pendants. Many shell beads and ornaments have been found at the site as well as stone smoking pipes

Stone and ceramic discs and discoidals 
from Shadle Farm.

Marginella shell necklace and 
gastropod shell from Shadle Farm.
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