Point Pleasant Battle Monument

Tu-Endie-Wei Park 

Congressional enactment of February 17, 1908, appropriating funds to aid in the erection of a Monument or Memorial Commemorating that Battle of the Revolution fought between Colonial troops and Indians at Point Pleasant, now West Virginia, October 10, 1774.

Legislative enactment of the 1931-1935 sessions of the West Virginia Legislature, authorizing the compilation of the Roster of the names of all known officers and men of the Battle of Point Pleasant, first battle of the Revolution, and the acceptance of said Roster to be inscribed upon tablets upon the base of the Point Pleasant Battle Monument yet to be supplied.



President, Livia Simpson-Poffenbarger, LL. D.

Charleston, W. Va.

(Mrs. George Poffenbarger)

Treasurer, Judge Andrew S. Alexander, Charleston, W. Va.

Secretary, Ex-Senator Charles O. Weissenberger

Point Pleasant, W. Va.