Known Participants in the
First Battle of the American Revolution

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OCTOBER 10, 1774.

Virgil A. Lewis, State Historian and Archivist, writing of the national character of the Battle of Point Pleasant, has said:

"It is the greatest event in the Colonial Period and stands just at its close—with it, the Revolution begins. It is the connecting link between the two greatest periods in all American history—closing as it does the one, and opening the other."

Mr. Lewis further says of the men of the Battle:

"Six of them afterwards occupied seats in the American House of Representatives; three were members of the United States Senate; four of them became Governors of States; one of them a territorial Governor; one of them a Military and Civil Commandant of Upper Louisiana. Seven officers in this Battle of Point Pleasant rose to the rank of General. Six captains of that Battle commanded regiments on Continental Establishments in the War for Independence. Four officers of that Battle led the attack of Gwynn’s Island, July, 1776, that dislodged Dunmore, the Tory Governor of Virginia, and drove him forever from the shores of Virginia.

"Hundreds of the men of the Battle participated on Revolutionary battlefields and one follow, age 63 years, at the Battle of the Thames in 1813, secured a victory that broke the British power in the Northwest. Many of the men of Point Pleasant Battle witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown." (See Page 35, Vol. II, West Virginia Historical Magazine. April, 1903.)


No Official Roster having ever been prepared, the following Concurrent Resolution No. 17 was adopted by the Legislature of West Virginia of March 1,1935, as follows:

"That the Point Pleasant Battle Monument Commission be and is hereby authorized and requested to cause to be inscribed on bronze tablets to be attached to the base of the Point Pleasant Battle Monument, when such base shall have been provided for the names of all the officers and men who participated in the battle of the Revolution fought on October tenth, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-four, at Point Pleasant, now West Virginia, as ascertained and listed by the Point Pleasant Battle Monument Commission, under the provisions of Chapter forty-three, Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one and reported to the Governor, and to provide space on such tables for inscription of the names of such other officers and men who participated in said battle as shall hereafter be ascertained and listed under the provisions of said chapter forty-three for that session of the Legislature."




Able, Jeremiah

Adams, John

Adkins, Milton

Adkins, Parker

Agnew, (Agnue) John

Alden, Andrew

Alexander, James, Sr.

Allen, Hugh, Lieut.

Allen, James

Allen, Thomas

Alley, Thomas

Alliet, (Elliot) Robt.

Alsbury, Thomas

Anderson, James

Anderson, Samuel

Andrews, Samuel

Arbuckle, John

Arbuckle, Matthew, Capt.

Arbuckle, William

Ard, James

Armstrong, George

Armstrong, Thomas

Armstrong, William

Arnold, James

Arnold, Steven

Arthur, John

Astle, Samuel

Atkins, Blackburn

Atkins, Charles

Atkins, Henry

Atkins, William


Babbitt, Ishmel

Bailey, Campbell

Bailey, James

Bailey, John

Baker, Markham

Baker, Martin

Baker, Samuel, Ensign

Ball, James

Bambridge, James

Barnes, ________

Barker, Thomas

Baret, Edward

Barton, Samuel

Bazel, John

Barkley, John

Barnett, James

Barnett, S. L.

Bates, __

Batson, Mordica

Baugh, Jacob

Baylston, Wm.

Bateman, Abraham Moore

Bateman, Charles Davis

Bateman, Daniel Omnsbury

Bell, James

Bell, Thomas

Bellow, Daniel (canoe man)

Bergman, Christian

Berry, Francis

Bishop, Levi

Blackburn, Arthur

Blackford, Joseph

Blair, Daniel

Blair, Francis

Blair, William

Blankenship, Richard

Bledsoe, Abraham, Lieut.

Blesley, Jacob

Blesley, John

Boles, John

Boh, Adam

Boh, Jacob

Bojard, Abraham

Boniface, Wm.

Bonnifield, Samuel

Borg, Francis

Boughman, Jacob

Boughman, John

Burney, Thomas

Bowen, Reese

Bowen, William


Bowles, Robert

Bowyer, Henry

Boyd, James

Boyd, Robert

Boyer, Henry

Boyles, Barney


Bracken, Matthew (Ensign and Lieut.)

Bradley, John

Boughman, John

Bowen, Moses

Brombridge, James

Broomstead, Andrew

Bradley, Wm.

Bramstead, Andrew

Breckenridge, Alexander (Captain)

Breden, John

Breeze, Robert

Breeze, Richard

Brooks, George

Brooks, Charles

Brown, James

Brown, Low

Brown, Moses

Brown, Robert

Brown. Thomas

Brown, William

Brumfield, Humphrey

Brumfield, Solomon

Brumley, Thomas

Brundge, Solomon

Bryans, Shorgan

Bryans, Wm., Sergt.

Bryant, Wm.

Buch, John, Sergt.

Buch, William

Buckhannan, Commissariat

Buchnall, John

Buchanan, John. Col.

Buchanan, Wm., Ensign

Buford, Abraham, Col.

Bunch, Jasper

Bunch, Joseph

Buford, Thomas, Capt.

Burch, Joseph

Burch, Richard

Burcks, Samuel

Burke, Thomas

Burne, Thomas

Burney, John

Burnsides, James

Burens, James

Burroughs, John

Burton, Litton

Burchfield, James

Bush. John, Sergt.

Buster, David

Butler, Joseph

Butler, Shadrick

Buster, Wallace

Buster, William

Butterford, Ben

Byrd, Richard

Byrne, Charles


Calloway, Dudley

Cameron, George

Cameron, Hugh

Campbell, Arthur

Campbell, John, Capt.

Campbell, Joseph

Campbell, Robert

Campbell, Samuel

Campbell, Wm., Capt.

Canaday, Thos.

Caperton, Adam

Caperton, Hugh

Carlton, James

Carmack, John

Carney, Martin

Carpenter, John

Carpenter, Jeremiah

Carpenter, Solomon

Carpenter, Thomas

Carr, George

Carr, James

Carr, John

Carr, William

Catrain, James

Cartoon, Joel

Cartoon, John

Carter, John

Carther, Edward

Cary, Jeremiah

Casey, Wm.

Cashady, Simon

Cashed, Thomas

Carton, Adam

Carton, Francis

Carton, Jacob

Carton, Michael

Catron, Peter

Catron, Philip

Cats, Rodger

Cattes, John

Cavenaugh, Charles

Cavenaugh, Philemon

Cavenaugh, Philip

Cavenaugh, Wm.

Cecil, Benj. Sollers

Champ, Wm.

Chapline, Abraham

Chapman, John

Chapman, Richard

Charlton, Tames

Chesney, John

Christian, Wm. Col.

Clark, John

Clark, James

Clark, Samuel

Clay, David

Clay, Mitchell

Clay, Zekel

Clendinen, Adam

Clendinen, Alexander

Clendinen, Charles

Clendinen, Geo., Capt.

Clendinen, Robert

Clendinen, Wm., Capt.

Clerk. John

Coils, James

Clifton, Wm.

Clinding, George

Clinding, Wm.

Cloyne, Nicholas

Coile, James

Coiler, John

Coiler, Mease, Sergt.

Collet, Thos.

Cochran, Wm.

Collens, Richard

Cocke, William, Capt.

Condon, David (canoe man)

Canner, Patrick

Conner, William

Constantine, Patrick

Cook, David

Cook, Henry

Cook, John

Cook, William

Cooper, Abraham

Cooper, Francis

Cooper, Leonard, Lieut.

Cooper, Nathaniel

Cooper, Spencer

Cooper, Thomas

Copley, Thomas

Corder, John

Cormick, John

Cornwell, Adam

Cornwell, John

Courtney, Charles

Courtney, John

Cowen, John

Cowen, Jared

Coward, —______

Cox, Gabriel, Lieut.

Cox, John, Capt.

Coyle, James

Crabtree, Wm. (Scout)

Craigh, George

Craig, John

Craigh, Wm., Sergt.

Cram, John

Cram, Joseph, Sergt.

Craven, Joseph

Craven, James

Craven, John

Craven, Robert

Crockett, Walter, Capt.

Crawford, Alexander

Crawford, Bonard

Crawford, John, Sergt.

Crawley, (Croley) James

Creed, Matthew

Crisman, Isaac

Crockett, Joseph

Croley, Samuel

Crow, John, Sergt.

Crow, Wm.

Curwill, Alexander

Cundiff, Jonathan Ensign

Cunningham, James

Cunningham, John

Curry, James

Cutlip, David

Cutright, John

Culwell, Alexander


Dale, James

Davis, Azriah, Capt.

Davis, Charles

Davis, George

Davis, Robert (Scout)

Davis, Samuel

Davies, Jonathan

Day, Joseph

Day, William

Deal, Wm.

Deek, John

Demonse, Abraham

Deniston, John

Denton, John

Dickinson, John, Col.

Dillon, Lieut.

Dingos, Peter

Diver, John

Doack, David

Doack, John

Doack, Robt., Capt.

Doack, Samuel

Doack, Wm., Ensign

Dobler, Jacob

Dodd, John

Dodd, James

Dorherty, John

Dorherty, James

Dollarhide, Samuel

Donaley, James, Sergt.

Donaley, John, (fifer)

Donaldson, John, Capt.

Donalson, Robert

Donalson, Thomas

Dooley, Jacob

Dooley, Thomas, Lieut.

Doran, Patrick

Doss, Joel

Dougherty, Geo., Sergt.

Dougherty, James

Dougherty, John

Dougherty, Michael, Sergt.

Douglas, George

Douglas, James

Downy, James, Sergt.

Douny, John

Drake, Ephriam

Drake, Joseph

Draper, John, Lieut.

Dunaho, James

Dulin, James

Dunkirk, John, Sergt.

Dunlap, Robert

Dunaho, John

Dutton, John

Dutton, Philip

Dyer, Wm.


Eager, John

Eastham, George

Eastham, William

Edgar, Thomas

Edmunston, (Edmondson) Wm., Lieut.

Edwards, James

Edwards, Jonathan

Egins, Edward

Elkins, Jesse

Ellenborough, Peter

Elias, Thomas

Elliott, Robert, Capt.

Ellison, Charles

Ellison, James

Elswick, John

English, Joseph

English, Joshua

English, Stephen

Ensminger, John

Estill, Samuel

Evans, Andrew

Evans, Eran

Ewing, Alexander

Ewing, Alexander, Jr.

Ewing, Robert

Ewing, Samuel

Ewing, Samuel, Sergt.-Major

Ewing, William


Fain, John

Fain, Samuel

Fargison, Thomas

Farley, John

Farley, (Farlon) Thos.

Farmer, Nathan

Feavil, Wm.,

Ferrill, Robt.

Ferrill, Wm.

Field, John, Col.

Fielde, Wm.

Fielde, John, Sergt.

Finquay, Isham (canoe man)

Fielder, Wm.

Findley, George

Findley, John

Findley, Robt., Sergt.

Fisher, Isaac

Fitzhugh, John

Fitzpatrick, Timothy

Fleming, Wm., Col.

Flintham, John

Fliping, Thos.

Floyd, John

Fourgeson, Thomas

Fowler, James (Scout)

Fowler, Samuel

Fowler, William

Franklin, James

Franklin, Wm.

Frazer, John

Freeland, John

Friel, Jeremiah

Frogg, John, Lieut.

Fry, George

Fry, George, Jr.

Fry, John

Fullen, Daniel

Fullen, James

Fuls, George


Gardner, Andrew

Garrett, William

Gass, David (Messenger)

Gatliff (Gallepp), Sq.

Gibbs, Luman, (Scout)

Gibson, George, Lieut.

Gibson, Joseph

Gilbert, Thomas

Gillihan (Gilliland), John

Gilkenson, James

Gill, Prisley

Gilespy, Thomas

Gillass, Wm.

Gillian, Duncan

Gilmore, James, Capt.

Gilmore, John

Givens, John, Lieut.-Capt.

Gloscum, David

Glass, Wm.

Glaves, Michael

Glenn, Davis

Goff, Andrew

Goldman, Edw., Lieut.


Goodall, John

Gordon, Moses

Gormon, David

Graham, Benj.

Green, John

Greer, John

Griffin, Robert

Griger, Peter

Grigsby, John

Grim, John


Guffy, James

Guillen, Edward

Guillon, Barney

Gurden, Michael

Guillen, Duncan


Hackett, Thomas

Hackworth, Augustine

Hackworth, Wm.


Haines, Lewis

Hale, Edward

Hale, Thomas

Hale, William

Hall, Francis

Hall, James

Hall, Thomas

Hamilton, Francis

Hamilton, Isaiah

Hamilton, Jacob

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, Thomas

Hammond, Philip

Hamrick, Thomas

Hamrick, Wm.

Handley (Herrill), Robert

Handley (Hensley), Samuel

Hanee, Philip

Hannan, Thomas

Hansburger, Adam

Hanson, Wm.

Harlon, Elijah

Harlan, Silas

Harmon, Dangerfield

Harmon, George

Harmon, Israel

Harmon, John

Harrel, Wm. (Scout)

Harriman, Sked, Sergt.

Harris, Griffon

Harris, John

Harris, Stephen

Harrison, Andrew

Harrison, Benj., Capt.

Harrison, John Lieut.

Harrod, James, Capt.

Hart, Thomas

Hasket, Thos.

Hatfield, Andrew

Havens, James

Havens, John

Hayes, John

Haynes, Benj.

Haynes, Joseph, Capt.

Hays, Charles

Hays, Samuel

Henley, George

Henley, William

Hensley (Hadley), Samuel

Herbert, William, Capt.

Herd, Richard

Herrill, Robert

Henderson, Alexander

Henderson, Daniel

Henderson, John, Lieut.

Henderson, Samuel

Hendrix, Peter

Hays, Samuel (Scout)

Head, Anthony, (Messenger)

Hedden, Thomas

Hepenstahl (Hempinstall), Abraham


Higgans (Higans), Peter

Higgans, Philemon


Hill, James

Hill, Robert

Hobbs, Vincent

Hogan, Henry

Hogan, William

Holley, William

Holloway, Richard

Holston, Stephen

Holwell, Walter

Hornes, Lewis

Hooper, Wm.

Hopton, Stephen

Hopton, William

Home, Joseph

Howard, Charles

Howard, Henry

Huff, Leonard

Huff, Peter

Huff, Samuel

Huff, Thomas

Hutchinson, Lewis

Hutchinson, William

Hughes, Davy

Hughes, Jesse, (Scout)

Hughes, Ellis

Hughey, James

Hughey, Joseph

Humphries, John

Hundley, John

Hunter, Robert

Huston, John

Hynes, Francis


Ingles, Wm., Major

Ingles, Joshua

Ingles, Thomas

Inglish (English), Joseph

Inglish (English), Joshua

Irvin, John

Isum, Wm.


Jackson, Yerty

Jameson, John

Jenkins, Jeremiah

Jennings, Edmond

Jewitt, Matthew

Johns, William

Johnson, Arthur, Capt.

Johnson, John

Johnston, Patrick

Jones, Benjamin

Jones, John

Jones, Thomas


Kasheday, Peter

Kenneson, Charles

Keith, Samuel

Kelly, Alexander

Kelly, Garrott

Kelsey, John

Kendrics, James

Kennedy, Ezekiel

Kennedy, Thomas

Kennedy, Wm., Sergt.

Kinneson, Charles

Kinneson, Edward

Kennot, Zacariah

Kerr, James

Kerr, William

Kinder, George

Kinder, Jacob

Kinder, Peter

King, James

King, John

King, William

Kincaid (Kingheid), David, Jr.

Kincaid (Kingheid), George

Kincaid (Kingheid), James

Kincaid (Kingheid), John, Sergt.

Kinnison, Michael

Kinnison, Walter

Kishnor, Andrew, Sr.

Kishner, Andrew, Jr.

Kissinger, Andrew

Kissinger, Mathias

Knox, James


Lammey, Andrew

Lapsley, John

Larken, John, Sergt.

Lahsley, John

Laughlin, James

Lawrence, Henry

Learned (Lord), Lieut.

Lee, Sefinah

Lee, Zacarias

Lemaster, Richard

Lemaster, Thomas (Scout)

Lesley, John

Lesley, William

Lesley, William, Sergt.

Lester, John

Lester, Samuel

Lewis, Andrew, Col.

Lewis, Benj., Lieut.

Lewis, Charles, Col.

Lewis, John, Capt. (son of Andrew)

Lewis, John, Capt., (son of Thomas)

Lewis, John, (son of William)

Lewis, Samuel, (brother of General Andrew Lewis)

Lewis, Thomas, (son of General Andrew Lewis)

Lin, Adam

Librough, Henry

Litten, Burton

Litton, Solomon

Litz, William

Lockhart, Jacob

Lockhart, Queavy

Lockridge, Andrew Capt.

Logan, Benj.

Logan, John

Logan, James

Logan, Hugh

Long, Joseph, Ensign

Lord (Leord), Lieut.

Love, Joseph

Love, Phillip, Capt.

Luellen, Thomas

Lucas, Charles

Lucas, Charles, Jr.

Lucas, Henry

Lucas, John

Lucas, William

Luney, Michael

Lybrook (Librough), Henry

Lybrook (Librough), Palser

Lyhnan, Richard

Lyle, John

Lyn, James

Lynch, ———.

Lyons, Wm.


Madison, John

Mann, John

Mann, William

Marks, John

Martin, John

Martin, Brice

Martin, Christian

Martin, George, Sr.

Martin, George, Jr.

Martin, Philip

Martin, Wm., Col.

Matthews, George, Capt.

Matthews, Sampson

Maxwell, Bezaleel

Maxwell, David

Maxwell, John

Maxwell, Thomas

Mayse, Joseph

McAllister, Wm.

McAfee, George

McAfee, James

McAfee, Robert

McAfee, Samuel

McAfee, William

McBride, James

McBride, Joseph

McCallister, James

McCallister, William

McCandless, John

McCastem, Wm.

McCartney, James

McCartney, John

McClanahan, Absalom

McClanahan, Alexander, Capt.

McClanahan, John (Canoe man)

McClanahan, Robert, Capt.

McClintic, Wm.

McClure, John

McClure, Thomas

McCorkle, Wm.

McCreary, Thomas

McCutcheon, Wm.

McCoy, Wm., Lieut.

McCune, William

McDonald, Daniel

McDonald, James

McDowell, Archibald

McDowell, M., Capt.

McDowell, Samuel

McElhaney, Francis

McFarland, Robert

McFarland, William

McGee, John

McGeehey, Samuel

McGinness, John

McGlahlen, John

McGuff, John

McGuff, Patrick

McKee, Wm.

McKinnett, Alex.

McKinney, John

McKinsey, Henley

McKinsey, Moredock

McLaughlin, Edward

McMullen, Wm.

McMullin, John

McNiel, Peter

McNeal, (Niel), John

McNiel, Daniel, Lieut.

McRoberts, Samuel

McNutt, James, Capt.

McNutt, Alexander

Mead, Nicholas

Mead, Thomas

Meader, Israel

McCrary (McCreary), Thomas

Meek, William

Mercer, Hugh

Messersnuth, Barnett

Messersnuth, John

Milican, John

Miller, James

Miller, Robert

Mills, John

Milwood, George

Miner, Henry

Mitchell, James, Capt.

Mitchell James

Mitchell, Thomas

Monadue, Henry

Moffat (Manford), Robert, Capt.

Moffat, George, Capt.

Montgomery, James, Capt.

Montgomery, Samuel

Moody, John

Moon, Abraham

Moore, Andrew, Lieut.

Moore, Frederick

Moore, Hugh

Moore, John

Moore, Moses

Moore, William

Mooney, Frederick

Mooney, Hendly, Ensign

Mooney, Hugh

Mooney, lames

Mooney, John

Mooney, Moses

Mooney, Nicholas

Mooney, Samuel

Mooney, William

Morrow, James

Morrow, James, Jr.

Mullin, Thomas

Mungle (Mondle), Daniel

Mungle (Mondle), Frederick

Murry, John, Capt.

Myers, William


Nail, Dennis

Nail. Thomas

Naut, Martin

Naule (Now), Wm., Capt.

Nave, Conrad

Neale, Wm.

Neville, John

Neville, Joseph

Neely, James, (Cadet)

Neely, William

Newland, Abraham

Newland, Isaac

Niel, John

Nelson, John

Newell, James

Newberry, Joseph

Newland, John

Newman, Walter

Nicholas, John

Nickels, Isaac

Noland, John


Nowell, John

Null, Jacob

Null, John O.


Odear, James

Oguillen, Barnett

Oguillen, Duncan

Oguillen, Hugh

Oguillen, John

O'Hara, Robert

O'Hara, Charles, Capt.

O’Hara, William

O’Hara, Henry

Olverson, Joseph

Ormsbey, Daniel

Overstreet, Wm.

Owen, Thomas

Owen, Robert

Owens, David

Owler, Henry

Owler, John


Pack, George

Pack, Samuel

Packwood, Richard

Pain, Joseph

Parchment, Peter

Parsons, James

Pate, Jeremiah

Patten, John

Pauling, Henry, Capt.

Paulley, James

Paulley, John

Pawlings, Moses

Paxton, Samuel

Peary, Thomas

Pence, Jacob, Ensign

Perce, Thomas

Peragin, Molastin

Persinger, Jacob

Petty, Benjamin

Peyton, John

Peyton, Rowzie

Pharis, Wm.

Pierce, Lieut.

Pierce, John

Plumkenpel, Zacharias

Poague, Wm., Sergt.

Poling, Matthew

Porter, Robert

Posey, Thomas, Commissary

Potter, Thomas

Preston, William

Price, James

Price, Reese

Price, Richard

Price. Thomas

Price, William

Pricket (Pucket), Drury

Priest, David

Pright, John

Prince, William

Prior (Pryor), John


Rains, Roberts

Remsey, Josiah

Ranis, Robert

Rapp, Frederick

Ratcliff, Matthew

Ratcliff, William

Ravenscroft, Thomas

Roy, William

Razor, Michael

Reed, Alexander

Read, John, Ensign

Reagh, Archibald

Reagh, John

Reary, James

Reburn (Rayburn), John

Rediford, Benjamin

Reese, Andrew

Reid, Andrew

Reid, Thomas

Reynolds, John

Richardson, Benj.

Richardson, William

Riley, John

Roay, Joseph

Roberts, John

Robinson, Elijah

Robertson, James

Robertson, Thomas, Major

Robertson, Wm., Lieut.

Robinson, Julius

Robinson, William

Robinson, Isaac


Rogers (Rodgers), Andrew

Rogers (Rodgers), Chesley

Rogers (Rodgers), David

Rogers (Rodgers), James

Rogers (Rodgers), Thomas

Rogers (Rodgers), William

Rollens, Richard

Ross, Edward

Ross, Tavener

Rowan, Francis

Rucker, George

Ruddle (Riddle), George

Rue, Abraham

Russell, William, Capt.

Rutherford, Benj.


Samples, Samuel

Sanders, James

Sappington, Daniel

Salisbury, William

Savage, John

Savage, Samuel

Sawyers, John

Sayres, John

Seails, William

Sarbara, James

Scard, Lieut.

Scott, Archelous

Scott, Archibald

Scott, Daniel, Capt.

Scott, George

Scott, James

Scott, William

See, Michael

Sedbery, John

Seed, Francis

Selby, James

Sevier, John, Capt.

Sevier, Valentine

Sham, John

Shannon, John

Shannon, Samuel

Sharp, Abraham

Sharp, John (Scout)

Sharp, Edward

Shaw, Henry

Shelby, Evan, Capt.

Shelby, Isaac, Lieut.

Shelby, James

Shelby, William, Capt.

Shell, Arnold

Shelp, John

Shillin, John

Shoat, Emanuel

Simpkins, Daniel

Simpkins, James

Simms, Charles

Simmerman, George

Simpson, James

Simpson, John

Simpson, William

Skaggs, Reuben

Skaggs, Zach.

Skidmore, John, Capt.

Slaughter, George

Slaughter, Francis, Capt.

Slaughter. Lawrence

Smith, Bruten

Smith, Conrad

Smith, David

Smith, Daniel

Smith, Daniel, Jr.

Smith, Edward

Smith, Ericus

Smith, James

Smith, John

Smith, Mecagh

Smith, Moses

Smith, Robert

Smith, William

Smithers, Gabriel

Sobo, George

Spicer, William

Spratt, Isaac, Sergt.

Squires, Uriah

Staffy, Michael

Stailey, Martin

Steele, Andrew

Steele, John

Stephens, John, Lieut.

Stephens, Stephen

Stephens, Thomas

Stephens, William

Stephenson, Hugh, Capt.

Stephenson, Robert

Sterns, Conrad


Steward, John

Steward, Walter

Stewart, John

Stewart, William

St. Lawrence, Patrick

Stuart, John, Capt.

Stull, Martin

Stump, Michael

Stump, Martin

Sullivan, James

Sullivan, Samuel

Summers, Charles

Swoop, John


Tate, T., Lieut.

Tate, William

Tarney, (Farney), Peter

Taylor, Daniel

Taylor, Isaac

Taylor, Seiltor

Taylor, William

Teasy, William

Terrence (Torrence), Andrew

Thomas, Edward

Thompson, Andrew (Ensign)

Thompson, Richard

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, William

Tipton, John

Todd, James

Todd, John

Trent, — (canoe master)

Trent, Obediah

Trimble, Isaac

Trimble, James

Trotter, John

Trotter, Richard

Tucker, William

Tyler, Isaac


Vails, John

Vallendingham, George

VanBibber, Isaac

VanBibber, Jesse

VanBibber, Jacob

VanBibber, John

VanBibber, Mathias

VanBibber, Peter

Vance, Edward

Vance, Sampel, Lieut.

Vanhook, Samuel

Vaut (Vaught), Andrew

Vaut (Vaught), Christian

Vaut(Vaught), George

Venable, William

Vaughan (Vaun), John

Vanhook Samuel


Waggoner, Andrew

Waggoner, Henry

Waggoner, Henry, Jr.

Walker, Adam

Walker, Henry

Walker, James

Wallace, Andrew

Wallace,Adam Ensign

Wallace, David

Wallace, Robert

Wallace, Samuel, Lieut.

Walter, Michael

Wambler, George

Wambler, Mitchell

Ward, David, Ensign

Ward James, Capt.

Ward. William, Sergt.

Warwick, Jacob

Walter, Michael

Ward, David

Washburn, James

Washburn, Steven

Watkins, Robert

Watson, Jonathan

Waugh, Cadet

Weaver, Christian

Weaver, Michael

Welch, James

Welch, John

Welch, Thomas

Welch, Thomas, Jr.

Wells, Bazaleel

Wells, Samuel

Welsh, Christopher

Wetzel, John

Wetzel, Martin

Whish, Richard

White, David

White, Joseph

White, Solomon

White. William

Whitley, Moses

Whitticor, Joseph

Whitton, Jeremiah

Whitton, Thomas

Whitton, Thomas, Jr.

Wiles, Robert

Wiley, Robert

Wiley, James

Wiley, Robert, Jr.

Wiley, Thomas

Williams, Alden

Williams, David

Williams, Isaac

Williams, James

Williams, Jarrett

Williams, John

Williams, Mack

Williams, Philip

Williams, Richard

Williams, Rowland

Williams, Samuel

Williams, Thomas, Sergt.

Williamson, Aldin

Williamson, David

Willis, Henry

Wilmoth, William

Wilson, Benjamin

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, George

Wilson, James

Wilson, John, Capt.

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Wm., Sergt.

Wilson, Samuel

Woods, Adam

Woods, Andrew

Woods, Archibald

Woods, James, Sergt.

Woods, Joseph

Woods, Michael, Capt.

Woods, Richard

Woolsley, Richard

Workman, Daniel

Woodburn, James

Woodburn, Stephen